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Food industry

Industrial sector that deals with farming, production, transformation and distribution of farming products.

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Food industry machineries

Canning industry

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Canning industry machineries

Pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical industry includes the research, manufacture and marketing of medicines, food supplements and cosmetics.

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Pharmaceutical industry machineries

Clay sector

The clay sector involves the production of materials used in construction.

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Clay sector machineries

Texil industry

The textile industry is a manufacturing activity that produces and handles textile fibre.

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Texil industry machineries


The tanning industry is an industrial sector that produces leather

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Tannery machineries


The industrial sector of mining takes advantage of a mineral deposit classified as quarry material.

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Quarry machineries

Papermaking industry

Industrial sector of paper or cardboard manufacturing.

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Papermaking industry machineries

Automotive industry

The automotive industry deals with the design, construction, marketing and sale of motor vehicles.

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Automotive industry machineries

Box factory

The box factories are part of the food production process, specifically in the food conservation.

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Box factory machineries

Fourth range

The IV range offers fresh, washed, packaged and ready-to-eat fruit and vegetables.

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Fourth range machineries