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Series 1000

Technical Specifications
cefor 22000(POM) / 11000(PP) / 5000(PE) N/m (21 °C)
cefor Various Materials
Polypropylene WHT BHT Acetalic PSX XLG HP WSM Polyethylene WLT DRY-PT
Breaking Load
22000(POM) / 11000(PP) / 5000(PE) N/m (21 °C)
Unit per package
3 mt

The 1000 Series 1-inch pitch belt combines high strength characteristics with an universal pitch, which makes it extremely versatile; it is particularly suitable for the beverage, packaging and food industry. The printed versions are available with Positrack guides for single-way applications and packing machines. The 1000 Series can be equipped with porters for applications in the food industry. The belts are supplied in acetal and in polypropylene (low friction characteristics) for the beverage sector.

Typologies Size Application
FlatTop FlatTop

Superficie Chiusa

Flush Grid Flush Grid

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